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DC Pier started back in 2006 when the Pier family started their first business, DC Logistics. This business grew and morphed into a multi-state, multi-market segment business that remains family owned.  The Pier brothers, Robert Jr., Andrew, Edward along with their parents, Magda and Robert Sr. have crafted a successful business based on their family approach that is known as the DC Way.  Leveraging their experience in logistics, DC Pier have entered into markets including fuel, food and transportation.

Magda Pier

Nicole Hanson

Richard Freyre

Jason Recinos

Oliver Oscar

Summer Givens

Alex Calderas

Alex Calderas has over 20 years of management experience in various industries, primarily in the fueling and convenience store markets. In addition, he has provided leadership in Human Resource in the 3PL/LTL industry for over 150 employees.

His strength and talents have made organizations well-recognized in sales and more. He believes in creating a culture that  supports team building and training. His detail orientation has been a crucial ingredient to his success. He assisted DC Pier to plan, design and construct new industry locations.  Alex has created unique brands that resonate with consumers.  He has implemented innovative technology to improve the overall guest experience.

Robert Pier, Jr.

Robert Pier has more than 30 years of experience in the warehouse and transportation industry. Throughout his career, he’s had various roles ranging from dock worker, commercial driver, sales manager and owner/executive.

Robert embodies the true meaning of entrepreneurial spirit. His diligence, persistence and drive for perfection are a few of his key strengths. His ability to lead his family and team is the true essence of a leader. Robert can drive a team to work at the best efficiencies to gain the best results. 

In the past 16 years, Robert has led and built DC Logistics from the ground up. He uses instincts and determination to capture a portfolio of clients that leads to organic growth and entry into new markets.

“We have to be the best at what we do and do it better than everyone else” – Robert Pier, Jr.

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